Trofeo Princess Sofía 49er World Cup Event


Date: 31 March – 8 April 2023.

Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

The Palma World Cup marked the first major event of the calendar year, and it was clear that the excitement and anticipation were palpable. The months leading to this event had been much focused on training in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), and we felt like we had made significant progress in the way of starting, and practicing our “race craft.” All of our efforts had been working towards this prestigious regatta which brings together the top sailors from around the world to compete in.

The Palma World Cup began with challenging weather conditions and unpredictable winds. Unfortunately, during the second race of the first day, we encountered a broken top-mast section that would unfortunately jeopardise our chances of making the gold fleet. The frustration and disappointment was evident among us, but we knew we couldn’t let this setback define our performance throughout the event.

With determination, we quickly sprang into action to repair the broken gear and make the necessary adjustments to get back into the racing on the second day, and the efforts paid off with a 2, 2, 11 to end the second day and the qualifying round, only to narrowly miss out on the gold fleet despite our best efforts. Nonetheless, we were proud of our team’s resilience as we refused to let the adversity dampen our spirits. We were eager to continue the regatta despite the initial setbacks, knowing that every race counted.

As the regatta progressed with us in the competitive silver fleet we felt like we made marginal improvements in our performance every day. The experience of overcoming adversity seemed to ignite a newfound motivation within us, and we became more focused and determined on the water, making tactical decisions that contributed to our improved standings in subsequent races.

Indeed, the broken gear failure turned out to be a valuable learning experience for our entire team. It highlighted the importance of regular equipment maintenance and the need for contingency plans in case of unexpected failures during a competition. Moreover, facing this adversity at the start of the regatta emphasised the significance of mental strength and composure under pressure.

Despite the problematic start, we refused to back down. Through our collective grit and determination, we were able to recover from the setbacks and secure commendable positions in the fleet. Our strong finishes demonstrated our ability to bounce back from adversity and perform exceptionally when it mattered the most.

Final Position: 33rd.